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Papyrus plants are achient Egyptian sources of paper, and add an incredibly unique tropical look to the pond. Like other Tropical Bog Plants, Papyrus will vary in size depending upon variety, however they all have long green stalks with green foliage plooms on the tops.

Standard Papyrus

A.K.A. the Egyptian Paper Plant, Standard Papyrus can reach a maxium height of anywhere from 1-6 feet. Green triangular stems are topped with many long gracefull arching hairs. For best growth, plant in large pot with full sun, in 0-6 inches of water depth.

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PAST Standard Papyrus 'Cyperus papyrus' $ 10.00 Add To Cart
PAST3 Standard Papyrus 'Cyperus papyrus' (3 Plants) $ 26.00 Add To Cart
Mexican Papyrus

Mexican Papyrus grows taller, stiffer, and more robust than other Papyrus varieties, and its tops are also more densely arranged and erect. Mexican Papyrus is known for reaching incredible heights of 15 feet, but 4-6 feet is more common for our area. Full sun is required for such growth, and a large pot in 0-6 inches of water depth.

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PAPMEX Mexican Papyrus 'Cyperus Giganteus' $ 10.00 Add To Cart
PAPMEX3 Mexican Papyrus 'Cyperus Giganteus' (3 Plants) $ 26.00 Add To Cart
Dwarf Papyrus

Dwarf Papyrus is a very short variety of Papyrus, reaching only 18-30 inches in height, with a more compact tufted ball atop the skinny green stalks. Plant in any size pot large enough for the root base, and place in full sun in water depths of 0-3 inches for best growth.

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PADW Dwarf Papyrus 'Cyperus Haspens' $ 10.00 Add To Cart
PADW3 Dwarf Papyrus 'Cyperus Haspens' (3 Plants) $ 26.00 Add To Cart
Giant Papyrus

Ranging in size from 3-4 feet to nearly 10 feet tall, the Giant Papyrus is one of the largest pond plants on the market. A very aggressive and fast grower, this one is difficult to contain in pots, but should be given as large a container as possible to give the roots fertilizer, and the plant stability. Giant Papyrus will be the skyscraper of your water garden!

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PAPG Giant Papyrus 'Cyperus gigateus' (Regular Planting) $ 25.00 Add To Cart
PAPGL Giant Papyrus 'Cyperus gigateus' (Large Planting) $ 50.00 Add To Cart
PAPGXL Giant Papyrus 'Cyperus gigateus' (X-Large Planting) $ 75.00 Add To Cart
Dwarf Giant Papyrus

Dwarf Giant Papyrus may be oxymoronic in name, but is a beautful and highly desireable pond plant. From the variety of Giant Papyrus, the Dwarf Giant is extremely thick-stalked with highly dense, bushy trufts of foliage on top. It will grow at an adequate rate, a prefers part-shade, and lots of fertilizer. Like the Giant Papyrus, the Dwarf Giant will not enjoy the confines of a single pot, and will shoot roots out of its container into the open water.

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PAPDG Dwarf Giant Papyrus 'Cyperus Percamenthus' $ 10.00 Add To Cart
PAPDG3 Dwarf Giant Papyrus 'Cyperus Percamenthus' (3 Plants) $ 26.00 Add To Cart