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Waterford Gardens 74 E. Allendale Rd. Saddle River NJ 07458
201 327-0721
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Flexible PVC Black Sch40
Flexible PVC Black Sch40Our Flexible PVC Pipe is the best pipe for the professional installation. Flex pipe is sized by I.D. (inside diameter) The pipe is disigned to be used with Sch40 PVC glue fittings. Note - Do Not use shallow socket DWV fi... (continued)
Mechanical Hose Faucet Timer
Mechanical Hose Faucet TimerHave you ever dropped the hose in your pond to just top it off for a few minutes and end up getting distracted and forgetting you left the hose on? Well I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing all too many custom... (continued)
Tropical Lilies Notes
Tropical Lilies NotesBe sure to check out this years Special Edition waterlily section. All from one of today's greatest hybridizers. Order early limited quantities only on these special lilies.
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Waterford Gardens - Specialist In Fine Aquatics

Waterford Gardens is recognized as one of the country's premiere water lily farms. Specializing in all things aquatic, we offer an extensive collection of water lilies and marginal plants along with top quality Koi and pond fish. We also carry all the top brands of pumps and filters along with foods, conditioners and medications.

As Waterford Gardens celebrates 31 years, our history (and especially our location) dates back much further. The property and buildings we occupy were once that of William Tricker who established his business in 1895. Old Tricker SignWilliam Tricker was an originator of Commercial Water Lily Culture in the United States and was a specialist in growing and hybridizing water lilies. Not only will you find his name on many lily varieties, but in certain publications you'll find references made to his famous lily catalog. Although we are sad to stop printing our catalog which had carried on a long history, we too must adapt and evolve. However, we do find comfort in knowing that we continue to operate Waterford Gardens and utilize this location as the very same enitity it was over 100 years ago: one of the first water lily farms in the United States. We are proud to continue in the footsteps of such a rich history and hope you have a chance to visit us soon.

Waterford Gardens sells everything needed for a water garden or a Koi pond. We carry a full range of hardy and tropical water lilies (both night and day blooming). They exhibit colors that span the spectrum from white to pinks, yellow, reds, blues, deep purple and lavenders. We carry a wide range of Lotus, varying in size from dwarf to large and in colors from white to yellow, pink and crimson. We also have a very extensive selection of both hardy and tropical bog plants which no pond should be without.

You will find that we carry an excellent selection of fish. From imported Japanese Koi to domestic Koi, in butterfly and standard varieties. Also, discover an ample selection of Shubunkins, Comets, Sarassa Comets, Japanese Fantails, Calico Fantails, Golden Orfe and Orandas. And what pond would be complete without some scavangers? We have Tadpoles, Trapdoor Snails and fresh water clams. Best of all, we know how to ship them, safely and effectively, anywhere in the continental United States.

And what kind of pond store would we be if we didn't have an overwhelming amount of hard goods from chemicals to filters and pumps? Actually, compared to some sites, we carry far fewer items. Maybe that is where we should begin to draw some differences: we carry what works. Truthfully, we have first-hand experience on how each product will and does work. We often cherry pick certain manufactures product lines, choosing from what they do best, and avoiding their "me-too" products. We have an excellent selection of products that can meet the needs of any pond enthusiast--from the professional installer to the Do-It-Yourselfer. Of course, if you have a favorite product and don't see it here, please let us know! We would love to test it out.

Gold Star MetalWhile perusing our pages, remain on the look out for our "Gold Star" products. For one reason or another, these products have found a special place in our hearts, and in the hearts of many of our customers. This does not mean that it is the best product for you. Some products vary and every pond is very condition specific. However, if the choice is between two products, you'd be hard pressed to find one better than those adorned with our Gold Star!

Now, you have already spent way too much time on the first page! Dive in and explore! Be sure to pick up a piece of Water Lily History, here at Waterford Gardens.